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How do you know when it's time for a suspension check?

Your vehicle will start to show a few tell-tale signs;

Your vehicle's suspension system is designed to reduce the effect of bumps and dips in the road surface, providing you with a more comfortable ride. A rough ride could mean that your suspension needs work.

Effective suspension will help to keep your vehicle steady on the road and helps to reduce your braking distance. If you notice your car lurches when braking or is swayed by side winds, you could have faulty suspension.


If you notice you are continuously getting uneven tyre treads, your suspension may not be holding the car evenly, causing too much strain on one area or side of the tyres.

Your steering may also be in need of a check if you notice your vehicle has a hard time turning or you have wheels that start to wander.

Weston Auto Services for your steering & suspension check

Book your vehicle in for a service with Weston Auto Services and we will happily check the condition of your suspension and steering systems and consult you if any repair or replacement is necessary.